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A newly built small house -- in the interiors of Pampore, the saffron town of South Kashmir – is where a lady namely Hameedah puts up along with her three children – two daughters and a son.

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Basarat on the airport while going to Srilanka
Basarat Mustafa, 21, since the early days of her childhood has been passionate about her dream to carve a niche for herself Even though she had quit her studies long back yet she made it to Srilanka... Read Full Story »


  18th November 2014 Banners reading ‘Tobacco free zone’, greets everyone near city’s reputed colleges and schools, but girls from the same colleges are among the regular users of these substance... Read Full Story »


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As a Kashmiri you come from a line of women who have lived through brutalities -- the world refuses to acknowledge. A line of women who are yet to taste justice but whose harrowing stories and... Read Full Story »


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  More the modern a society becomes, higher goes the cases of violence against women. Over the years it has been seen that the crimes against women are on rise in Kashmir -- both outside as well as... Read Full Story »


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  Healthcare decisions are amongst the most crucial that one makes in their lives. How we lead our life post a diagnosis is solely based on the choices we make for the treatment procedures. If for... Read Full Story »