About Her Voice

I am a journalist working in the field from last three years. During this time it occurred to me that almost every woman in each household of Kashmir has a story to tell but not everyone gets a chance to share her story and not everyone is vocal about herself. And that’s where the idea of ‘Her Voice’ came up. 'Her Voice' is a platform to raise, share, and discuss the stories and issues related to women of Kashmir. 

‘Her voice’ is an attempt to be voice of all those women who long to express themselves, who fought their battle all alone, who touched the pinnacle of success but none knows them, who crossed the threshold of pain with only few little people standing by their side and for all those who abnegate their own-selves for the sake of others. 

‘Her voice’ is first of its kind in Kashmir and promises to bring forth each voice unheard.


Our vision is to strive hard to provide readers with every dimension of Kashmiri women's personality. We want to make stories of Kashmiri women available worldwide so that everyone would read her to know her.


Is to increase awareness about lives, sufferings, strength, struggle, achievement and steadfastness of Kashmiri women.

Is to give voice to least heard women who possess heart wrenching, extra-ordinary and distinguishing stories. 

Is to raise sensitivity towards women issues in society.

Would you like to report for her voice? 

If you're a woman and interested in writing you too can become ‘her voice’'. You can send us write-ups on success stories of women, their problems, on women related activities and stories of violence and discrimination against them. Your stories can be in form of features, interviews, narratives, blogs etc.

Contact us at editor@hervoice.co

 Lubna Reshi