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As a Kashmiri you come from a line of women who have lived through brutalities -- the world refuses to acknowledge.

A line of women who are yet to taste justice but whose harrowing stories and inconsolable pain propel them to continue their fight.

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18th November 2014

Two months back when I was in a supermarket at Stockholm, along with a friend, I heard a lady screaming. I was busy looking for things so I didn’t pay much attention. 

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Like other cases women became first causality of a calamity too. 

At a time of catastrophe -- like Kashmir has been through -- the first ones to be blamed by some section of the society are the people, out of which the first ones to damned are the women.

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Lunches and dinners, with family, run me furious almost all the time. Whenever my mother spreads the ‘dastarkhan’ we all, in family, know that we cannot avoid a quarrel – as am highly impatient and aggressive. 

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When I ask Jiji how she is she always replies “Sanaa meh teek hu, mera saath logohn ki dua hai. Logohn ke liye acha karo tou Allah aap ke liye acha karte hai. Bas tum dua karo.” [Sanaa, I’m fine, I have peoples prayers with me. When you do well for people, Allah grants you good in return.] And... Read More

If I am not comfortable with a girl and share all my secrets with a boy, does that mean I am wrong?

Does that make me bad?

Yes, my friend is a guy and I go along with him like other girls do with their girl friends.

Why is gender an issue in our society?

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It isn’t easy for a female teacher to cope with the environment a school offers. Teaching job comes with several issues and problems and prime being the harassment female teachers face at the hands of male students. 

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Reading newspapers -- was something I adored since childhood. I don’t remember when I first started collecting newspaper cuttings but the oldest one with me dates back to 2007. I hold dear every piece of paper and treasure it in an album. 

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I work in an NGO and going to far flung areas is a part of my job. I am almost, on every day of my work, accompanied by a male colleague.  They can do many things which we cannot do but they cannot do everything.

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"Jileh assa nikiya saahn” is Pahari for “when we were young” and when you hear a Pahari woman say these words, you prepare to perch by the tandoor on a summers evening as history unravels before you. 

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