‘Are we habitual to blame women for everything wrong?’

Like other cases women became first causality of a calamity too. 

At a time of catastrophe -- like Kashmir has been through -- the first ones to be blamed by some section of the society are the people, out of which the first ones to damned are the women.

Just a few days back I overheard it somewhere that city got submerged under furious waters because of the immoral and immodest activities women have got involved in. 

I heard some people saying, “It’s just because women dress immodestly and are getting involved in immoral acts -- that is why Kashmir had to face the wrath of God.” 

A friend discussed with me how her 11 year old sister was rebuked by men of all ages merely for wearing jeans. 

She was even held responsible for the catastrophe which befallen Kashmir. 

How can an 11 year old girl – who hardly is well aware with the intricacies of life – be blamed for something she has no idea about. 

Even girls riding scooties are being held culpable for this condition of ours. 

In a male dominated society if a women enters into the domain of males she is a criminal -- same happens at our place.

i wonder when will this blame game stop and when will some people stop targeting women for escaping their own guilt. 

Is our conscious alive or we are just habitual to blame women for everything bad? 

Each one of us in Kashmir has suffered the same way, everyone has lost one thing or another, almost everyone is in trauma – but burden will be put on just one being. 

For god sake can we be bit patient, tolerant, open minded and unbiased.

It is demoralising and disappointing that even for the natural things people are blaming each other.


(Blogger is a student of International Relations)