Discrimination over Dastarkhawan

Lunches and dinners, with family, run me furious almost all the time. Whenever my mother spreads the ‘dastarkhan’ we all, in family, know that we cannot avoid a quarrel – as am highly impatient and aggressive. 

Why are quarrels inevitable on dastarkhan – you must be thinking – well it is because it is just me who is asked to get the things – if my mother misses out on anything. 

I have no problem with doing the chores but why is it only me who is being asked to work, why not my brother. 

We are equal in all respects but me being a girl adds an additional responsibility on me – a responsibility to carry out the orders of all. 

My brother never leaves his food in midway – which infuriates me. “Why won’t he,” is my all time question, pacified by my mother. 

I seethe in anger when mother asks me to get up while we all eat food. 

Why is it only mother or me who have to serve food why not my brother or father? 

What gives men this special status? We ourselves or society is to be blamed?

We are all equal humans – with different responsibilities – while some earns some carry out responsibilities of house. 

The only thing which grants a special status to the males in our house is that they earn and they think apart from that they have no work to do. 

Women work like labours during all hours of the day yet get no recognition while it’s vice versa for the men. 

This discrimination is done openly by men but we tend to overlook it because of the notion that women are meant for chores and men for earning. 

The times are changing and men need to shun this attitude so should the parents. If a girl child can do the work so can a male child.