Facing the odds of being a teacher

It isn’t easy for a female teacher to cope with the environment a school offers. Teaching job comes with several issues and problems and prime being the harassment female teachers face at the hands of male students. 

The male students begin to behave inappropriately the moment a female teacher drops into the classroom. The situation sometimes becomes so blare that it slips out of the hands of a teacher.

Being a teacher at one of the prestigious school of the valley I bear with it every day. Entering a class is like a beautiful form of torture. Annoyance and frustrations is a common place – one has to go through every day.

It becomes more problematic because female teachers are more submissive which is taken advantage of and hence she is being dominated by the male students.

A female teacher cannot even punish these boys due to which they jeer her down.

Smirking, talking at your back, interrupting -- is a routine for the students of higher classes.


I have personally tried to punish some boys by removing them out of the class and what they do is in return is that they happily get up and move out. It brings an embarrassment to teacher only and student remains unaffected.

Sometimes while delivering lecture they threw chalks on your back and if you are calm you have to bear through it but being bold is also of no help -- in any way for they enjoy the punishments and your being strict as well.

Smirking, talking at your back, interrupting -- is a routine for the students of higher classes. From your dress to your hairstyle – everything gets discussed – by the students you teach.

Talking about myself – every day before entering into the classroom I have to prepare myself first, mentally as well as physically then only I make an entry.

You can teach the boys of higher classes only if you are tough skinned else you shan’t take up this job rather a risk.

Sometimes I feel like quitting but then due to lack of avenues in Kashmir I have to stay put and carry with the job. 


(Blogger is a post graduate in Biotechnology and teaches at a reputed school but does not wish to be named)