Meeting an Islamophobic glare


18th November 2014

Two months back when I was in a supermarket at Stockholm, along with a friend, I heard a lady screaming. I was busy looking for things so I didn’t pay much attention. 

“We don’t want terrorists at our place. Go back to Syria or wherever you have come from,” she said in a scathing tone.

The voice became fierce enough to catch my attention. As I turned back, I was amazed to know that this lady, with a boy cut and wrinkled face, isn’t addressing anyone but me.

‘Are we habitual to blame women for everything wrong?’

Like other cases women became first causality of a calamity too. 

At a time of catastrophe -- like Kashmir has been through -- the first ones to be blamed by some section of the society are the people, out of which the first ones to damned are the women.

Just a few days back I overheard it somewhere that city got submerged under furious waters because of the immoral and immodest activities women have got involved in. 

Discrimination over Dastarkhawan

Lunches and dinners, with family, run me furious almost all the time. Whenever my mother spreads the ‘dastarkhan’ we all, in family, know that we cannot avoid a quarrel – as am highly impatient and aggressive. 

Why are quarrels inevitable on dastarkhan – you must be thinking – well it is because it is just me who is asked to get the things – if my mother misses out on anything. 

I have no problem with doing the chores but why is it only me who is being asked to work, why not my brother. 

If my friend is a guy why is that problem, I ask

If I am not comfortable with a girl and share all my secrets with a boy, does that mean I am wrong?

Does that make me bad?

Yes, my friend is a guy and I go along with him like other girls do with their girl friends.

Why is gender an issue in our society?

When I walk around with my friend, my character is being judged.

When I meet him in public places we are being seen a something we are not.

Eyes follow us where ever we go. We feel uncomfortable too; why should others judge us -- we ask each other; but then they judge us.

Facing the odds of being a teacher

It isn’t easy for a female teacher to cope with the environment a school offers. Teaching job comes with several issues and problems and prime being the harassment female teachers face at the hands of male students. 

The male students begin to behave inappropriately the moment a female teacher drops into the classroom. The situation sometimes becomes so blare that it slips out of the hands of a teacher.

Reminiscing Shopian


Reading newspapers -- was something I adored since childhood. I don’t remember when I first started collecting newspaper cuttings but the oldest one with me dates back to 2007. I hold dear every piece of paper and treasure it in an album. 

Newspapers have affected my life profoundly. Some days ago, while I was going through my album, I came across this cutting – preserved for years -- about Shopian double rape and murder case in 2009. 

While sifting through others cuttings I realized how this piece of news changed my life in many ways.