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A newly built small house -- in the interiors of Pampore, the saffron town of South Kashmir – is where a lady namely Hameedah puts up along with her three children – two daughters and a son. Hot summers and harsh winters make an easy entry into... Read Full Story »
  • Haseena
November 18th 2014 Married at the age of 17 and widowed at 25 – Haseena’s life has always been on a run.  With three children wandering from place to place was a life – she explains -- she has lead till now. Mohammad Shafi Mir and Haseena got... Read Full Story »
  • Floods
55 year old Zeeba had never left her home in Gulzarpora village of South Kashmir’s Pulwama district not even to share best moments of her life, until the night of September 7. The gushing waters forced her not only out of her home but out of her... Read Full Story »
  • Syeda
A house -- which once chirping, filled with people -- is now dark and desolate.   From many members to just two people, Syeda and her adopted son Mohsin, it looks as if the angel of death has not liked the liveliness of this home.   Syeda – with... Read Full Story »
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Asifa’s heart was not into marrying Abid – her maternal cousin.  But being the only daughter of her parents -- they wanted her to settle with him.  Asifa had no other sibling hence her mother decided to marry her off to his nephew so that they can... Read Full Story »