18th November 2014 Banners reading ‘Tobacco free zone’, greets everyone near city’s reputed colleges and schools, but girls from the same colleges are among the regular users of these substance claims a recent study. A study carried out in various... Read Full Story »
After a flood, your home and its contents may look beyond hope, but many of your belongings can be restored. If you do things right, your flooded home can be cleaned up, dried out, rebuilt, and reoccupied sooner than you think. This article provides... Read Full Story »
Cases of medical negligence in private hospital around Kashmir are inflating with each passing day.   There have been several cases where due to medical negligence women had to lose their lives and scores have been made to suffer.    Some days ago... Read Full Story »
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Shall we fast or not -- is one of the most frequently asked question by pregnant women in the month of Ramadan. Although religion exempt women from keeping fast during pregnancy but there are still many pregnant ladies who choose to do it.  As per... Read Full Story »
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All the kameez salwars which we were once worn by all the ladies in Kashmir are gone. The latest design wear clothing and stitching changed the overall way of how women used to dress once. This change is imminent in young girls -- particularly. Who... Read Full Story »