• Plan your pregnancy for a successful pregnancy
Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful and stressful period in a women’s life. So before you plan a baby it’s very important to get yourself ready, emotionally and physically, for a successful pregnancy. Planning can help your chances of boosting... Read Full Story »
  PROTECT YOUR IMAGE NOT OF THE IMAGE DESTROYER. Women victimization is an age-old practice which still continues though today the forms of harassment have changed. The position of women has been vulnerable, always.  Even if women are thought to be... Read Full Story »
  • Under the veil we are free souls
I am a regular girl who loves everything that has to do with freedom. I don't fancy covering my head like Muslim women are supposed either.  I consider myself someone with a neutral view of things. But sometimes the hoopla created over women being... Read Full Story »
Rising out our voices against the growing commercialization of the sacred institution called as marriage has become imperative as the "Mazimyor “(match maker) culture in Kashmir has demolished and withered away the very benchmarks one would consider... Read Full Story »
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The struggle of those who survive brutalities is often overlooked more so when the struggle is not physically manifested or in the direct vision of onlookers. Over 66 years of conflict in Kashmir has resulted in widespread psychiatric trauma and... Read Full Story »