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Shall we fast or not -- is one of the most frequently asked question by pregnant women in the month of Ramadan. Although religion exempt women from keeping fast during pregnancy but there are still many pregnant ladies who choose to do it.  As per... Read Full Story »
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  Pop a weight losing pill and gain some extra kilos – as obesity is the most common side effect of taking weight reducing drugs.  Women taking anti-obesity pills are far from reality of these drugs and the adverse affects in has on our body. Women... Read Full Story »
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  At a place where smoking and drugs were considered taboo once upon a time, a number of females especially young teenage girls are falling into this quagmire. If these reports are to be believed out of the total 200,000 drug abusers in the valley... Read Full Story »
  • Suicide cases rising among valley women
While twenty years back, valley had the distinction of having lowest suicide rates throughout India (0.5/ 100,000), past few years has shown a visible spurt in cases of suicides, Para-suicides and deliberate self harm (DSH) especially among women... Read Full Story »
  •  IVF: A hope to the hopeless
  The In Vitro Fertilization centers are acting as a boon to the childless couples of the valley. These centers are impregnating a new hope in the lives of those childless couples whose hopes have waned long back. “I got married some 10 years back... Read Full Story »