• Shehla Arif
Scaling the heights of success is never easy for anyone and for Shehla, one of the prominent theatre artists of the valley, fighting the stereotypes has been one of the biggest challenges.  Together with another actor Shehla made it to the finals... Read Full Story »
From playing in congested lanes to making it to big stadiums -- Sakina Akhter had never thought of turning her childhood fantasy into a career. Playing cricket would always enchant her.  In her childhood -- the moment she would hear the sound of... Read Full Story »
  • Zamrooda Habib during poll boycott campaign
Kashmir is the highest militarized zone of the world where going against the state policy is a sedition which can land one into the jail or even can lead to death. Parliamentary elections in the valley have been widely opposed by the people.... Read Full Story »
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She has a long life to lead; a young son and old parents to take care of. Her elder brother died while dealing with some explosives and younger brother left the family when she came back to live again with her parents --after her husband was... Read Full Story »
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Unlike those who were picked up by security forces and then disappeared, Abdul Rehman, a resident of Awantipora, left home apparently to cross the Line of Control, and never returned. He became one among the thousands of disappeared in Kashmir but... Read Full Story »