• Story of a winner who defeated cancer
  Najeeb and Mudasir spent their first wedding anniversary in a hospital. Woven in pipes and tubes Mudasir had no idea where she is and what’s going around.  Just six months after their marriage Mudasir -- after few bouts of nausea -- thought she is... Read Full Story »
  • Raji
War makes orphans, widows and hopeless mothers. In just a single hamlet -- Shinglipora of Tosa Maidan -- there are at least five to seven women who lost their husbands or children to the Army shells. Tosa Maidan is a beautiful meadow in Kashmir’s... Read Full Story »
  • Shaziya
  Breaking and making, playing with junk and coming up with something interesting has been childhood hobby of Shazia Jaan. Be it any electric appliance, gadget or a simple utensil -- there hardly goes anything her hands have not fixed and battered... Read Full Story »
  • File photo
                                                                                 Shamema couldn’t rest on that day when her husband was taken by the Indian forces in Kashmir during a crackdown – a common practice done to nab the militants during 90'... Read Full Story »
  • We will kill you if you continue to look for him
Begum Jan is among the hundreds of those persons who gather every month in Pratap Park, Srinagar in order to seek justice for their dear ones who have disappeared after being allegedly arrested by various Armed forces.  Every month on 10th Jan... Read Full Story »