Cases of medical negligence on rise in Kashmir

Cases of medical negligence in private hospital around Kashmir are inflating with each passing day.


There have been several cases where due to medical negligence women had to lose their lives and scores have been made to suffer. 


Some days ago in one of the prominent private hospitals of the valley known as Modern Hospital in RajBagh area of Srinagar, doctors operated upon a lady but did not remove the placenta. 


It was Asiya’s (name withheld) first child and in order to ensure safe delivery she chose a private maternity hospital instead of government. 


“Government hospitals have many hassles and I don’t want to go through them so we decided on this hospital for delivery but things turned out to be worse here,” says her mother. 


As soon as Asiya came out of operation theatre she experienced heavy bleeding with profuse pain – which she says was intolerable. 


When the family noticed her condition was deteriorating they called up the doctors. “They examined her again and did the required tests after which came forth that her placenta has been kept as it is,” her mother adds. 


Placenta is an organ which acts as connecting link between mother and child during pregnancy to supply the required nutrients etc to the foetus. It ought to be removed after child birth and if not removed it can lead to several complication and can result in death also,” says Dr Arifa, a gynae.


On seeing Asiya’s condition the doctors panicked and suggested another surgery – to remove it. 


Next day Asiya was operated again and had to go through another round of torment, she adds. 


“Had doctors been attentive enough I would have been okay by now but because of them I had to undergo terrible pain,” she adds. 


Because of this callousness of the doctors she couldn’t even attend her new born child properly even. 


Family wanted to sue the doctors of this hospital but then they stepped back to avoid more hassles. 


“There were many members or our family who were aghast over this callousness and wanted to drag the doctors to court but they we thought worst already happened,” Asiya’s mother remarks. 


Asiya isn’t the only case of medical negligence last year in another private hospital of valley a lady lost her life. 


She was operated immediately after she had taken food. The doctor duo who had done her surgery were arrested immediately after her death but were later released. 


Also there are many cases where internal organs of women have been injured by medical malpractice and in other cases babies have also got injured. 


Last year at Lad Ded hospital, which is one of the famous govt maternity hospitals of the valley, the uterus of a woman was cut so deep that a great amount of her blood got lost. 


As per doctors in caesarean section or c-section – which is a surgical procedure the chances of medical negligence increase. 


“There are cases when mother or her child is unnecessarily harmed and it can be because of those doctors or the assisting staff who aren’t well versed with the c-section procedures,” says Dr Arifa. 


It is believed that in past some years there has been quite an upsurge in such cases and rarely a doctor is hold responsible.