Traditional Pherans meeting style

PheranFrom the homes of Kashmir to the ramp of big cities who would have thought that the pheran would be fashionable. 

Kashmiri Pheran is making headlines both in Kashmir as well as outside. It was just a little while ago pheran was introduced in a fashion show at London and in Kashmir it’s being revamped with an introduction of embroidery and laces.

“With few changes, the traditional cloak wore by Kashmiri’s, is making a new fashion statement among youngsters,” says Mudasir, who deals in Kashmiri handicrafts.

Traditionally pheran is a loose cloak wore in winters to keep warm but according to Mudasir its overall look changes when it is being made a bit sleeker. 

According to him this garment after meeting some modifications and alterations is appealing to the young. 

This outer garment is infused with new designs and patterns of embroidery and braiding which includes work like Ari, sozni and also machine work.

“Pherans today are made in different designs and patterns making them all the more elegant,” Mudasir adds.

However youngsters who team up Pheran with jeans and matching salwars say, “Nowadays pherans look quite good because of its fitting and designs,” says Neha Maqbool, a student.

Neha says, “When it comes to embroidery work on the pherans it is done in a way that it looks very attractive. When I saw my friend wearing it I got it the other day only.”

According to Mudasir initially it was tourists only who were interested in buying them. “But since we introduced new designs the sale of pheran have mounted.”

The girls say that it has double advantage for them, “it helps us to keep warm plus add to our look.”

Though over the years the average Kashmiri dressing sense has changed but there are still many who support the traditional concept.

“Leaving aside the glamour side pheran is our culture, our tradition which should be kept alive. Though girls don’t like to wear it much but little modifications will work for them,” says Shaziya, a college student.