Where have all the kameez salwars gone

All the kameez salwars which we were once worn by all the ladies in Kashmir are gone.

The latest design wear clothing and stitching changed the overall way of how women used to dress once.

This change is imminent in young girls -- particularly.

Who wears Salwar suit these days are only the elderly ladies, some young girls express.

“Who likes to dress elderly,” says Nisha, a girl in her teens.

The kameez which once used to be short has now got elongated – reaching right upto ankles and sometimes runs down to floor.

While salwars are completely a passé. From past one year Salwars have been replaced by plazzo’s, parallels, v-bottomed trousers and also chudidars – which were already there.

“Gone are the days when girls would wear normal salwars. It looks too old fashioned now and out of place too,” says Tanveer,” a school teacher.

As per to the tailors there is hardly any girl customer who asks them to go simple with a salwar suit.

“Plazzo’s, pants, chudidars are in this season, while I believe salwars are out,” says Zakir, who owns a boutique in Lambert’s lane, Lal Chowk.

Though we cannot completely dismiss the fact that there are many girls out there who love to dress culturally -- which they believe keeps their values and identity alive.

“Kameez Salwar is a part of our culture and we wear it proudly for it is something with which our identity is attached to,” says Saima, a college goer.

For elderly ladies Kameez Salwar will always be an ultimate choice.

“Yes our fashion sense has changed completely over the years but that doesn’t mean we will start wearing something which is alien to our society, says Shafiqa Bano, a retired school teacher.

For young lot it is okay but for ladies like me Salwar suit is irreplaceable, she adds.

Shafiqa says she has always been wearing simple Kameez and Salwar and would continue to do so always.