Increasing crime rates against women and inadequacies of government


More the modern a society becomes, higher goes the cases of violence against women.

Over the years it has been seen that the crimes against women are on rise in Kashmir -- both outside as well as inside the house.

Hundreds of thousands of cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment are being registered today and number goes up each year -- as stated by reports.

But no positive developments are being worked out.

There is no law which assure security to the women nor is there any exemplary punishment case pronounced to the culprits so far -- that will dissuade others from doing the same crime.

Recent acid attack on a 21 year old law student again came as stark reminder for the government to reframe new laws and strengthen the old one – which can ensure a safe living to women.

Arifa, a school teacher, another victim of acid attack, met the same fate in the year 2013.

Two years time is enough to make a difference but our government is still stuck there it was back then.

We saw nothing being done to lower crime rates against women.

No laws were reframed in this time nor does government come forward to provide any financial security to the victims. 

Since we are moving towards debasing moral and social values, such laws should be made that perpetrators of crime are dealt with harshest of punishments.

Incident like this one is just a tip of the iceberg while the actual realities are going unnoticed or criminals, after a brief punishment, are left free.

Though there is a commission for Women over here but that serves no good purpose.

The State Women's Commission is just a toothless tiger which has no power to bring any change.

We belong to the land of saints as called in common parlance the ‘pir vair’ yet we let all this happen in our society. 

Instead of watching everything silently it is high time we raise a cry against all the bad happenings, so that all those people who are involved in crime would be tried and cases will be brought to justice.

(Columnist is a student and an aspiring teacher)