Basarat: a school dropout who never stopped dreaming.

Basarat on the airport while going to Srilanka

Basarat Mustafa, 21, since the early days of her childhood has been passionate about her dream to carve a niche for herself

Even though she had quit her studies long back yet she made it to Srilanka – to attend a conference on enhancement of skills for social integration, inclusive growth and sustainable development – this summer.

Her father is a retired Government employee and income of the family -- became one of the biggest hurdles for her in procuring education.

Knowing that lack of money would snatch her dreams so she began to save money from childhood -- but it couldn’t help her for long.

Upto 12th standard she somehow managed her school but then it became difficult.  

“I had no means to carry with the higher education due to which I had to bid a goodbye to my classes.”

Hopeless cast a shadow over her dreams.

The dreams – she has been nurturing all her life – were losing the shape

“We lived in most penurious condition. Every day my helplessness would unease me.”

Though she had to leave her studies midway but she never wished the same for her siblings.

It all seemed impossible for her. However, she never succumbed to hopelessness.

“Dropping out of school meant end to my regular studies but I knew I won’t be sitting at home doing nothing.”

No money and resources – but she had to find her way out.

“I firmly believed where there is will there is a way and I was on my way to find my way.”

Free training and courses are being conducted at many places in Srinagar, she knew.

But the opportunity will come knocking at her door, she never imagined.

Through a door to door mobilisation exercise of one such program, she got to know about an organisation.

“It was the DB Tech, an NGO, which came to my help. And I got admitted in one of their training programs.”

She knew after successful completion of the training, placement is guaranteed.

It acted as a motivation for her since she has to run her family of five – her two young sisters and parents.

Basarat – being eldest daughter of the family – always wanted to support her father and now she knew she would be able to pursue it.

Her training program came as an advantage for her in many other ways, she remarks.

“During the induction I began to know more about myself – my strengths and weakness.”

Computers – was something that grabbed her interest completely.

“I fell in love with computers. I used to spend my free time with computers and my trainers always supported and mentored me in order to impart the required skills in me."

In order to make a place for herself, which she always dreamt of, she focused on her overall development -- language, skills and personality.

After completion of training, Basarat joined a private school as a Computer Operator – “that was when I lived my dream for the first time.”

She worked there for long until she got a call from one her trainers, who broke ‘unbelievable news’.

“There was requirement of a Research Associate in a Data group. I never knew that I would be able to qualify those exams but here I am today working with that group -- earning a good living for myself.”

Basarat never wants to stop dreaming and mentions: “there is nothing as joyous as being the reason behind happiness of your family. And if you dream nothing can stop you from fulfilling them.”